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setup Wireless Modem for USBpc

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How to setup Wireless Modem for USB
Before we setup an USB modem you must verify that you have these  files “USBModem”

1. Make sure that your XdaII does not connect with Desktop PC
2. Disable desktop ActiveSync COM port connect
3. On XdaII: Start > Settings > Connections > Beam > “Receive all incoming beams” Must disable
4. XdaII with GPRS SIM card
5. Tap XdaII Start > Programs > Wireless Modem
6. Make sure the “Connection Type” selected ”USB”, Now press the button “Start”, and insert the USB cable/cradle
7. On your desktop PC will found a new hardware

8. Select “Display a list of the know drivers for this device so that I can choose a specific driver” and press “Next”

9. Select “Modems” and press “Next”

10. Select “Have Disk” and press “Next”

11. Find the file “USBMDM” select it and press “Open”

12. Select “HTC USB Modem” and press “Next”

13. After installation you have a new USB Modem called “HTC USB Modem” in Control Panel->Phone and Modem Options

14. Start the application “USBModem_Dialer.exe” in your Desktop

15. Enter the User Name, Password and APN of your connection and press “Dial”

16. You can use your XdaII as the modem now. Press “Stop” in the wireless modem in XdaII and the connection will be disconnected

enjoy ........with your xda II 

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